Wednesday, 2 April 2014

SEO(On page or Offpage) Activity After Google Hummingbird Update

what you will be taken action after Hummingbird update?

do you have any idea.........

I want share our some important tips ,

On-page activity after Google Hummingbird update :-

The most important on page SEO rules after Hummingbird update are:

    Quality content - just try to add real value, something of substance to visitors, that is unique, different  and useful.
    Title tag - it should accurately describe what the article is about.

    Meta description - Even though Google said in 2009 that meta description is not a ranking factor, it has been reported by several webmasters that has a quite a big influence, especially if the meta description contains the specific keywords.

    Internal links - allows visitors to navigate a website and help establish information hierarchy for the given website.

    Images with alt attribute - Like someone said “A picture is worth a thousand words”, images in content are valuable. As the search engines robots does not see the images directly, they concentrate on the information provided in the "alt" attribute.

    Videos - what is more effective: a step by step procedure for “Apple MacBook RAM upgrade” or a video with a technician doing this job?

    Site Speed - use PageSpeed and Pingdom to check your website speed. If your web page is loading in more than 3 seconds you have work to do.

  Mobile optimisation - a Bia Kelsey study says that mobile search will exceed desktop search in 2015. So in about two years a website without mobile support would be like a flash website today.

 Off-page SEO tips after Hummingbird   

 A list of good off-page practices after latest Google update:

    Social media - profit from the popularity of Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin.

    Local business - create profiles on Google Local, Bing Local, Yelp or YellowPages.

    Document sharing - create quality documents, presentations, videos and distribute on Slideshare, Youtube, Scribd, etc.

    Guest blogging - find relevant blogs, write and publish quality content.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tips Before Starting Guest Blogging for your Blog

What is guest blogging? How it is beneficial for our blog?
 Guest blogging or guest posting means publishing content on other websites. It’s a fairly common practice in digital marketing to guest post on other websites.

Guest blogging historically worked very well as a tool for search engine optimisation (SEO – the process of improving your business’ visibility in the search engines) because guest blog posts often contain a link back to your site. These can have a positive influence on your search engine rankings.

What is wrong process with guest blogging?
 The problems with guest blogging stem from bad practice. Because of the potential SEO benefit of guest blogs, some people have abused the technique. This means that Google has to be very clear on what it considers to be good practice.

In his recent statement, Matt Cutts said that guest blogging had become “overused by a bunch of low-quality, spammy sites”. He made it clear that he was talking about “guest blogging for SEO”, and criticised blog posts that are written purely for quick links in order to manipulate rankings, rather than for real people.

What is keep in mind to start Guest Blogging ?
The most important thing to remember when creating content for other sites is that you are doing it for more than a link. You are also writing to engage readers and encourage them to click through to your site. Of course, a link from a great site can make you more visible in the search engines – but this should be paired with the benefit of increased visitors. If the readers of the blog you contribute to are the right kind of visitors, they could lead to increased sales.

The term “guest blogging” might not the best representation of this approach. To get yourself in the right mindset, it would be better to think of the content you create as “editorial”. Use these five tips to make sure that what you contribute is top quality editorial:

1. Only write for trustworthy and relevant sites: this means you need to look for sites that are easy to use, with lots of well written content already on them. If it’s a commercial site, look for clearly displayed contact details too, as this is a good indication that the business is legitimate.

Also make sure that the sites you write for focus on a similar topic or industry to yours. This is better both in terms of search engine rankings and getting the right visitors.

 2. Don’t overuse your keywords: avoid using the same keywords as your anchor text for every link you get. Google’s Penguin update sets out to penalise this kind of behaviour. Include keywords in your content, but not in an unnatural way.

3. Keep your audience in mind: write for people, not computers! Set out to provide truly useful information to the visitors of the other site, who will hopefully become your visitors too. This also means Google won’t see your content as being unnatural.

4. Only write for sites where content is curated: publishing content on low quality article sites is one of the things that has given guest blogging a bad name. Only write for websites where you know content is carefully reviewed before publication, to ensure top quality.

5. Use editorial as one of a range of link building techniques: Google looks at the number of links you have coming to your site as an indicator of how good your site is. However, your link profile could look unnatural if all your links are from guest blog posts you have written. So mix it up a bit, and make sure your links come from different kinds of high quality sources, such as relevant directories or local news sites. You should hopefully even have a few links from fans of your site without having to ask.

Will Guest Blogging Down my Ranking?
Guest blogging itself will not cause you to receive a penalty. However, things can go awry if all of the links to your website come from guest blogs, or if you have lots of links from low quality article sites. Google’s Penguin update began penalising websites that gained links in unnatural ways.

 So, to answer the question, “is guest blogging good for SEO?” – publishing useful content on high quality, relevant websites can benefit your search engine rankings greatly, and also bring more traffic to your site. Overall, your focus should be on building links naturally from a range of sources.

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Effective Guest Blogging Tips, Services in India

Guest Blogging is an advanced search engine optimization method for building links from blogs related to your niche. Search engines reward a website with higher ranking when the website has more number high page rank links from related blogs or websites. In order to build those high page rank related links we contact blog owners and post an article on your behalf and build a link to your website.  We provide guest blogging service for our clients in any niche.

Advantages of Guest Blogging:-
  • You get a link from a blog related to your niche
  • The link is built through a unique article
  • Search engines love links from related blog, so increase in ranking
  • With large number of guest post you can position yourself as a expert in your industry.
  • Apart from links guest blogging generates traffic to your website
  • There are chances the guest post can be shared virally.
Acquiring a guest blogging opportunity is an art. We cannot just write an article and submit it to the blog. TO acquire a guest post opportunity we will for blogs related to your industry, then check whether those blogs accept guest posts and then send an e-mail describing your website and requesting a guest blogging opportunity in their blog. It’s like building a relationship which will serve your website for a long time.

Once we receive a reply our content writers will work on creating a topic for the article, we then make a deep research, write an article and send it to the blog owner for publishing.
The cost of per guest post varies according to the page rank of the blog. Here is the cost based on page rank of the blog.

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